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Monday, May 23, 2005

Too many projects??

I am a process person.

Some people are project people. They like to complete each project before starting another. They work toward an end. Other people, like myself, are process people. We enjoy the process. If we finish something great, if not, not big deal. It's the creating we like, not the end project. Project people never work on more than one thing at one time. Process people will have many projects, all at various states of completion. That's me, lots of projects, ll going at the same time.

But sometimes, even I have to wonder if I don't have, gasp, too many projects going at the same time. I honestly don't know how many projects I have going. I started a lot of my projects as samples for my knitting and crocheting classes (I teach both for my local Adult Ed), and I really like to have samples for the students to look at. My problem is, I'm always finding another project, or I get another idea that I really want to teach, so another project gets started.

And I belong to lots and lots of e-mail lists. Many of those have projects that the group is working on and so many are just too tempting to resist. So, I start yet another project.

Now, I do get the majority of these projects done...eventually. And a lot of my items get donated to different charities. So I guess that I can justify my starting so many things.

Well, my college classes are over with for the summer (I teach Computer Science class, not nearly as much fun as yarn classes!), so I have made a vow that I will try very hard to get as much stuff done as I can. Of course, I've heard that the textbooks are changing again, if you only want to make one set of lecture notes, teach history, it doesn't change every year!! But, until I can get a hold of my boss and actually get the new books, which may not happen till the week before classes start, I'll be working on my personal yarn projects. Yarnslave.com and this blog included.

So, what are some of my current projects??

 Here's my current garter stitch scarf.

I almost always have one of these going. It's my no thought project. This one is one strand of Lionbrand Fun Fur in Turquoise, and one strand of Red Heart Light & Lofty, not sure of the color name, 8 stitches. I'm trying out my new size 35 needles that I got at Wallyworld in Rutland, Vermont, last month when we were on vacation. (Yes, I know my life is just too exciting with all those vacations in Rutland). It is working up real fast, as expected, so I should have this one done in a day or two. Depends on how late I end up staying up tonight.

Next is a pair of crocheted baby socks for charity, not sure where they'll end up. They'll probably go to the monthly charity from All Crafts 4 Charity. The pattern is on the web at http://crochetandknitting.com/babysock.htm.

I'm using Red Heart baby sport and a G hook, but I really think that the socks are way too big for a baby. They almost seem like they'd fit me (Okay, I do have small feet, but). I think I'll try another pair with a C or D hook and a finer weight baby yarn

 This is a class sample that I am determined to finish asap, just because I'm getting tired of it. I love the feather and fan pattern, but being a bit obsessive-compulsive, I have to spend way too much time counting almost every row so I'm sure I'm not messing the pattern up. I'm trying to be very disciplined and knit two pattern repeats every night.

Got the pattern from Solutia - http://www.acrilan.com/patterns/dec02/homespunshawl.html If you see anything here you want, http://www.acrilan.com/patterns.html - print it out quick cause the company has shut down their acrylic fiber plant and the patterns will only be on the net till September. Too bad, I really loved the patterns here. Will miss their new stuff. I did have a lovely chat with a nice lady from Coats & Clark about Red Heart yarn availability. She did assure me that I could get the yarn, but there may be some shortages!! (Heaven forbid!!)

And, my final project that I'll share tonight, by no means all my projects, is my Salt River poncho. http://www.soysilk.com/images/Pattern%20Salt%20River%20Poncho.pdf Easy pattern, but again, it's slow going so I'm trying to do a few rows every night. The pattern calls for a really fun looking soy yarn, but I'm on an extremely limited budget and have just too much RH yarn, so this one will be a stash user-upper. The pattern is in PDF format, so be aware if you decide to download.

Well, better get the young one into bed and actually spend sometime working one my projects rather than talking about working on my projects!!


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